Bid, Bundle, and Ship

TLDR Summary: We have simplified ITAD purchases.  You bid on individual lots of IT equipment, getting a great price from our wholesale auctions.  Then, you bundle the lots you win to combine shipping.  Finally, you arrange payment within 3 days and shipping within 14 days of purchase.  Your purchases are backed by the PowerBid make-it-right guarantee. 


The longer version…

ThePowerBid Process

Each week we receive numerous shipments of IT Equipment.  We sort through these, audit them and test their functionality.  We separate the equipment into small lots of like components and then list them for auction with plenty of pictures.  We offer a streamlined IT remarketing process with a goal of providing the fastest and easiest processing and sale of IT equipment both for individual and wholesale buyers. 


Smaller Lots, Simplified ITAD

Our smaller lots of like items let you buy just the IT equipment that you want without having to bid on large lots of miscellaneous equipment that you don’t need.  Our simple bid interface lets you bid on numerous lots at the same time.  Our auctions are usually live for a duration of 5-7 days.

Build A Pallet and Combine Shipment

Face it, shipping costs are through the roof and an extra dollar spent on shipping is a dollar of profit lost.  At PowerBid, we understand that it doesn’t make sense to ship a small pallet across the country.  Currently, we have plenty of warehouse space and will store your purchases for up to two weeks free of charge.  With our steady supply of auctions, you can combine your winning purchases into a single shipment and ship on your schedule.  Unfortunately, lots are pre-packaged and we cannot break a lot open and ship to multiple locations. 

Buyer’s Remorse

Welcome to the PowerBid Difference!  We understand that sometimes you may win more auctions than your budget will allow or have a backing bid fall through.  At PowerBid, we allow buyers to have up to three instances of buyer’s remorse without negatively affecting their accounts.  Just give us a call within one business day of the end of the auction, and we’ll cancel your bid and relist the items.  Our objective is a working relationship for the longer term, not a short-term obligation.


Payment for winning auctions must be made within three business days.  Payments by wire transfer receive a waiver of the processing fee of 3.75%.  Payments by credit card do not receive this waiver and a 3.75% charge will be added to the invoice.  We will send you an invoice and payment instructions shortly after the winning of an auction.

Sales Tax

PowerBid is designed for wholesale buyers but is also open to the general public.  A local sales tax of 7% will be charged to buyers who do not provide a sales tax certificate. You will have the opportunity to provide your sales tax paperwork upon the completion of the auction. 

FOB Shipping

PowerBid is primarily a wholesale IT marketplace.  Shipping is FOB from the shipping point of Suwanee, Georgia, meaning the buyer is in charge of shipping and accepts the title of the goods as at the shipment point and assumes all risk once the item leaves the shipping point. The buyer is responsible if the goods are damaged or lost while in transit. A shipping estimate can be provided upon request. Buyers will receive an invoice, payment instructions, sales tax information and package dimensions within one business day after the auction ends. 

Our Make-It-Right Guarantee

PowerBid stands behind every lot sold.  Our technicians have inspected, tested and organized each lot.  We take numerous pictures during the process.  Let us know if a lot is not as described or otherwise not to your satisfaction and we will make it right, either by exchanging the items or providing credit.  We also cover shipping damages if you elected to use our shipping estimate instead of your own courier.